Hello, I'm Piyush Pawar

I'm a Front-end developer passionate about creating delightful interfaces. Here, I'll share things that I learned while exploring Front-end, Back-end, UI/UX design, Tech and Non-tech. Hope you'll find this helpful. 😄


Trying out Zustand

October 4, 2020🌮 7 min read

Another state management library for React

Using void to implicitly return nothing

September 10, 2020🌮 3 min read

A trick with not so commonly used keyword

Files are only required once in Node.js

September 4, 2020🌮 6 min read

Applies both for require and import statements

UI Design for Front-end developers

April 16, 2020🌮 5 min read

Your website may not be as beautiful as you think

Learning Resources

March 8, 2020🌮 5 min read

Improve your web development skills

Understanding JavaScript Objects (Part 6)

February 24, 2020🌮 4 min read

The class keyword

Understanding JavaScript Objects (Part 5)

February 23, 2020🌮 3 min read

Object.create() - A new way to create objects

Understanding JavaScript Objects (Part 4)

February 15, 2020🌮 3 min read

__proto__ vs prototype

Understanding JavaScript Objects (Part 3)

February 2, 2020🌮 5 min read

Applying "new" to functions and building it from scratch

Understanding JavaScript Objects (Part 2)

January 26, 2020🌮 4 min read

Achieving Inheritance through Prototype

Understanding JavaScript Objects (Part 1)

January 19, 2020🌮 7 min read

Overcoming the problem with "this"

The Evolution of JavaScript Modules

January 5, 2020🌮🌮 8 min read

The journey from CommonJS to ES6

The BEM Architecture

January 2, 2020🌮 4 min read

One step towards writing structured CSS